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figure drawing – design and invention | the complete book of drawing techniques | capturing life through drawing | lee hammond’s big book of drawing | drawings of leonardo | graph paper

timewave zero


terence mckenna describes novelty theory to director john hazard with an elaboration of its core principles involving hyper-complexification and the compression of time. he holds forth on the correspondences between the structure of the DNA molecule and the chinese i-ching, then shows how his notion of an archaic revival leads from the theories of mind and the art movements of the early 20th century to the shaman as the quintessential figure of the 21st century, with psychedelic substances being the bridge between these worldviews.

been wondering how to go on in this crazy world?

here, this should help…

in this video, osho speaks of man as an organic whole, of the difference between reason and passion, how to eradicate the divide in man’s consciousness (schizophrenia in the truest sense of the word), and of course touches on many other universal topics as he weaves a beautiful symphony of consciousness for you to imbibe.

“…your soul is oftentimes a battlefield because you have never gone to the roots of your being. reason says one thing, the heart longs for something else, and whatever you choose you will suffer, you will remain miserable, because half of your being will remain starved, hungry. slowly, slowly, the distance between the two will become so great…as if you have been cut by an electric saw in two parts…”

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