from the sounds inside

john’s internet release from 2001 – untitled (except for by fans), it stands as possibly my favorite album of his; raw, ethereal, pulsing, uncontrived & even playful, it takes you along on a private journey and shows the inner workings of the mind and heart of a musical genius. by no means frusciante’s most accessible work (i.e. shadows collide with people, curtains, inside emptiness), but for those ready to open up & devote the  time to multiple uninterrupted listenings, it will reveal itself. 

stadium arcadium

not the best sound quality, but this’ll do. i’d suggest getting the flacs & wearing headphones – i’d also suggest checking out former rhcp guitarist john frusciante’s solo music –  if you follow the blog, you’ve no doubt noticed my affinity. the chili peppers are a nice connection to my younger days & it’s been nice to see them grow & evolve, but john’s music is something else entirely – it moves more in the moment with me, expands with me, contracts with me.

anyhow, enjoy.

walls and doors

☆    ☆    ☆  

“this song, recorded in september 2010, marks the point at which i began combining 60s and early 70s production styles with modern electronic production styles. this song was also the first time i successfully balanced pop music with abstract forms of music. this song showed me that the pop parts of myself and the more adventurous parts of myself could blend without one compromising the scope of the other. after this song i did not pick up the ball and run, but rather i continued to challenge myself, experiment and investigate, more from the abstract angle than the pop angle, until march 2011, at which point i’d figured out the things which made it possible for me to consistently make precisely the music i wanted to make, in which i was not restraining any part of my nature, allowing me to begin the recording of PBX. i might mention that walls and doors was also the first time my electronic instruments had begun to convey the visceral energy that one associates with people beating the fuck out of their instruments, in the context of a pop song.” – john frusciante