philosophia ultima

these discourses contain what to osho is the most significant statement made anywhere on the earth at any time – the whole secret of the mystic approach towards life. the sutra that begins this series of discourses contains the very essence of the entire upanishadic vision: that the universe is an indivisible totality – an organic whole. osho manages to illuminate these ancient texts with such clarity that their significance seems stunningly obvious. a wealth of jokes and amusing anecdotes are magically interwoven through his commentaries.

philosophia ultima: talks on the mandukya upanishad

invocation of thoth

on this, the year anniversary of neo-alchemist, i’d like to revisit my first post & to pay homage to that which connects us all; this invocation, to me, calls on & expresses the stream of novel creativity which runs through all of existence, including mankind.

may you all find that seed within yourself & become open to expressing your individuality so that it may grow in to a radiance which touches all those you come in contact with.

the wisdom of the dream [vol. 1]

this film is one of a three-part series of films produced by PBS, on the life and works of the great thinker and psychiatrist carl gustav jung. born on july 26, 1875, in switzerland, jung became interested in psychiatry during his medical studies. he saw that the minds of mentally deranged persons had similar contents, much of which he recognized from his own interior life, described in his autobiography memories, dreams, reflections. his lifelong quest to understand the workings of the psyche led him to develop the analytical method of psychiatry. he proceeded by looking at the role in his patients’ lives of what he termed the personal and collective unconscious, as expressed through dreams, myths, and outer events.