osho on contradictions

on his enlightenment


philosophia ultima

these discourses contain what to osho is the most significant statement made anywhere on the earth at any time – the whole secret of the mystic approach towards life. the sutra that begins this series of discourses contains the very essence of the entire upanishadic vision: that the universe is an indivisible totality – an organic whole. osho manages to illuminate these ancient texts with such clarity that their significance seems stunningly obvious. a wealth of jokes and amusing anecdotes are magically interwoven through his commentaries.

philosophia ultima: talks on the mandukya upanishad

osho on atisha

“india has given great gifts to the world. atisha is one of those great gifts. meditate on atisha, listen to his advice; it is of immense value. it is not a philosophy. . .it is a manual of inner transformation. it is the book that can help you grow into wisdom. i call it the book of wisdom.” ~ osho

the book of wisdom

loneliness vs. aloneness

why is it that religion isn’t working?

osho discusses religion and religious truth, and the pitfalls of personality…he speaks on loneliness versus aloneness, and about love.

“…truth can only be one — lies can be hundreds. fictions, you can create as many as you like; it is your imagination. but the truth is not your imagination. the truth is a revelation. it is already there. you have not to invent it; you have to discover it.”