i’ve said it before, and who knows if it’ll stick, but i feel things are winding down for me on this blog. i’ve shared about as much as i can, and hopefully it’s a nice cache of information, art, music, literature, movies, and so on. i have a kiddo, so this has really been for him as well –  he’s too young to explore it now, but maybe when he’s older something like this will be an interesting way to help open him up further, and for him to see more of what his dad is all about. in the meantime, i wanted to share some of my sources & favorite sites with you all. i hope that if i do decide to stop posting, that somehow this will continue to make it out there to people, so please share on facebook, reblog stuff, pin it, etc.

& if i don’t stop, i feel i will definitely slow down. . .but, whatever happens i will have shared these –

wikipaintings | the anthenaeum | thorstein ulf | parkblog | osho world   justinguitar.com | chords, scales & more | pirate bay | free audiobooks | holy books   power vs. force | dedroidify | peira | still life quick heart | project free tv     terminartors | food facts | wiki cultured | rudolf steiner archive | edgar cayce’s a.r.e.

the genius of pythagoras

* update – looks like this YT video is dead, here’s a link where you can watch the documentary

osho discourses on pythagoras – vol. I  |  vol. II