microcosmic orbit

this is part one of something like 23 (or more) – i’ve only used the full dvd, so i’m not completely sure. if part two doesn’t pop up for you after this one is over, it’s the 3rd from the bottom over in the related videos when watched on youtube. furthermore, the full series is kind of hard to keep up with on yt, so if you just keep the main title in the search bar & change each subsequent number, it should be easier to locate the next part.

companion book – awaken healing light of the tao

the seth material

an excerpt

full audio book part I | part II | part III

a compilation of exercises from seth | the nature of personal reality

sweet misery: a poisoned world

sweet misery is a close examination into what many in the medical community have voiced over the last few decades regarding the safety of the artificial sweetener aspartame. is there a connection with aspartame and illness? did the government (including donald rumsfeld) push the approval of the sweetener and suppress key data? this film delves into the fda’s process and the various reports of health risks associated with the widely used sweetener.

dr. russell blaylock on msg, aspartame & other poisons

edgar cayce meditation


this is similar to the technique i compiled for having obe’s and initiating lucid dreaming [see post]. maybe i read it years ago and it just slipped through the unconscious cracks, either way this is one of the most powerful and simple meditations i’ve had success with. i also suggest looking up the torrents floating around out there pertaining to cayce, especially the self-hypnosis one. you can find those on the pirate bay.

7 steps to meditation | cayce on meditation

renaissance man

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