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jesus and his religion

i might’ve posted this around the same time last year, but it could never hurt to have more wisdom out there, even if it’s a repeat. here, among other things, alan illustrates the divide between the authentic teachings of jesus, & the religion that sprung-up around his pedestalized image. 

1984’s got nothin’ on us

ideas once considered fringe-conspiracy have become widespread, open occurrence; this of course means that the new fringe is even crazier. orwell & huxley probably never saw it getting this far out-of-hand, then again with people like edward bernays around during their lifetime, i’m sure it wasn’t that hard to imagine.

as far as information-mining and hoarding are concerned – shit like this doesn’t bother me. i don’t buy in to their system, i never believed in the sanctity of their constitution, i don’t drink their water, & i don’t inundate my body with their poisons; over-all something as slimy & paranoid as sifting through everyone’s personal information is the least of my worries.

the guy in this interview is an ex-NSA whistleblower who has nothing better to do than spout more fear & paranoia – he could easily be a disinformation agent, or a useful idiot. it’s outdated and obvious to report that the government is untrustworthy, sneaky, thieving, scared and vindictive. this country, to an extent unsurpassed, was founded on genocide, slavery, rape, addiction, fear, control & deception.

there’s a bigger picture here i think, one that illustrates the need now, more than ever, to find & enact your authentic individuality. mass-revolution may not be possible on a spiritual level (whatever that means), but it can definitely happen with things as tangible as technology and philosophy. ultimately it doesn’t matter if the masses ever wake-up, it all starts with you, and that’s all you really need be concerned with: yourself. protesting, fighting, politic-ing, and philosophizing are all just part of that same system – why waste your time? get busy living your life.

i won’t go off on a rant, but if you’re searching for information, & also ways to combat this illusion – check out the conspiracy & consciousness categories of neoalchemist.

microcosmic orbit

this is part one of something like 23 (or more) – i’ve only used the full dvd, so i’m not completely sure. if part two doesn’t pop up for you after this one is over, it’s the 3rd from the bottom over in the related videos when watched on youtube. furthermore, the full series is kind of hard to keep up with on yt, so if you just keep the main title in the search bar & change each subsequent number, it should be easier to locate the next part.

companion book – awaken healing light of the tao

loose change

i consider myself apolitical – disinterested in bureaucracy, public relations, military action, organized religion, group mentality, etc.
with that being said, false-flag operations are too easy to expose & corroborate – the lack of truth and authenticity portrayed by those in control gnaws at me, especially on a day like today. i’m very conscious of posting things like this, and i don’t do so to incite any ill feelings or negativity, only to perpetuate and support truth. i should also add the disclaimer that i don’t believe these documentaries (there are a dozen or more out there) or the other available information blindly, or even wholeheartedly, but, they offer much more than mass media and the official reports.