chekov short stories

the witch & other short stories | collected stories (audiobook)


the seth material

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full audio book part I | part II | part III

a compilation of exercises from seth | the nature of personal reality

le rouge et le noir

[or, the red & the black]

“the red and the black, stendhal’s masterpiece, is the story of julien sorel, a young dreamer from the provinces, fueled by napoleonic ideals, whose desire to make his fortune sets in motion events both mesmerizing and tragic.

sorel’s quest to find himself, and the doomed love he encounters along the way, are delineated with an unprecedented psychological depth and realism. at the same time, stendhal weaves together the social life and fraught political intrigues of post–napoleonic france, bringing that world to unforgettable, full-color life. his portrait of julien and early-nineteenth-century france remains an unsurpassed creation, one that brilliantly anticipates modern literature.” – so says some dude from project gutenberg

oh, & check this site out for free audiobooks, i downloaded like 20 last night – they’re all great & went straight to itunes as podcasts.

journeys out of the body

a 5-part radio interview from the early 80’s with the guy who’s basically the grandfather of all lucid dreamers, robert monroe.
he talks about techniques, stages of consciousness, astral projection, as well as his own biographical information.

for more information & techniques, check these resources:

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i’d also like to suggest downloading files related to:

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@ the pirate bay – you’ll have to get miro
in order to download the torrents, but it’s all free.

sweet dreams.